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Hey you jagbags,

We had a very small part in arranging for a fun little kaffeeklatsch with Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks at Momofuku Milk Bar’s Williamsburg store at 4 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7th. 

SM & the band will hang out and sign things - maybe you’ll go and pick up a copy of their new record, WIG OUT AT JAGBAGS, from Rough Trade or Other Music or Earwax or another one of New York’s fine purveyors of recorded music  - and they will sign that.

Or you can just bring a wadge of singles and buy a cup of the new Cinnamon & Lesbians-flavored soft serve that will be featured at the Metropolitan Avenue shop this week and you’ll get one of a short stack of posters of the image above, created especially for this situation by Gary Panter. Anyone who buys the ice cream gets one, tomorrow and until the supply runs out!

If you’re wondering, “What does Cinnamon & Lesbians taste like? And why it is a flavor of ice cream?” We can help:

1. It’s a flavor inspired by this rad new track from the Jicks album. (And, hey, if you feel like getting lost in an internet k-hole, check out the other song from the new album on the y-tube, Lariat. That line about “We grew up on Tennyson and venison and the Grateful Dead” has been ricocheting around my skull for weeks.)

2. The flavor? Gotta taste it to know. I’m guessing it’s gonna have the vibe of kohl-eyed girls in their sophomore year at Smith crossed with a box of Red Hots, but the truth will be there to taste tomorrow. 

See you then!


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