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Above, you can see how the cover of The Travel Issue was taken from rough sketch to finished product, executed wonderfully by photographer/artist/great dude Christopher Boffoli.

1. I was sketching out ideas for the cover and, when they were all coming out bad, I started to stress-eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I thought I’d Instagram a picture of a little toy duck I had floating in the cereal. Then I started to think that a concept like that might work for the cover, somehow. But probably not cereal—maybe curry or soup. And probably not a duck.

2. My editors all said, “No, you dingus, of course it’s got to be cereal. Who are you kidding? You know nothing, you absolute moron.” HARSH, but TRUE. With a more fleshed-out sketch in hand, I contacted Mr. Boffoli (who happens to specialize in delightful food photographs that incorporate miniature figures). Luckily, he had the time/interest to work on the cover in our tight time frame.

3. Christopher knocked it out of the park on the first round, using some special edition Lucky Charms (featuring Nemo!) and what I’m assuming was a lot of milk.

4. We moved a thing or two around, added some words, and VOILA. It ended up being our least stressful cover process yet, and my favorite cover so far. Thanks Christopher!

-Walter Green

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