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A VISION OF POST-APOCALYPTIC CUISINE: A look forward in time, to the year 2034, when we have industrialized chicken to the point of inedible toxicity. At the hands of Magnus Nilsson, a Frankenchicken rises to feed the memories of the ruling class.

This video was co-produced by Chris Ying and his buddy Ira Chute of Dark Rye, Whole Foods’ online magazine, and edited by Joel Fisher. There’s a version of this “story” in Issue 6 of Lucky Peach. Maybe you want to subscribe to the magazine so you don’t miss out on important and useful reportage like this in the future.

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    Magnus Nilsson cooks a Frankenchicken
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    I’m not normally a reblogger, but THIS is great! And if you don’t subscribe to, or at least follow Lucky Peach food...
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    This is arguably a weird post, but the questions and concerns it raises regarding food safety, creativity, and the...
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    In 2034, cooking chicken is illegal, so Magnus Nilsson builds his own Frankenchicken. Obviously.
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    subscribe - a bit pretentious and coast oriented, but good nonetheless.
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    Read “The Space Merchants”
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    The “Apocalypse” issue is probably my favorite issue of Lucky Peach so far. The apocalyptic comic by Anthony Bourdain is...