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LUCKY PEACH is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes.

“A glorious, improbable artifact… Lucky Peach is not only something to behold, it is also something to hold, a reminder of print’s true wingspan.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES
The Lucky Peach #10 is our Street Food issue. Less summary than survey, the issue takes to the world’s streets like a starved flâneur, flitting from birria in Mexico City to chicharron-studded tortillas in Buenos Aires, from chaat in Mumbai to gizzard noodle soup in Chiang Mai’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. We watched as children made stick bread in Copenhagen and share a report on who’s eating all your cigarette butts. (Spoiler: microbes.) For Jonathan Gold, the experience of eating street food is inseparable from time and place. We delve into the history of “Turkey in the Straw,” an ice-cream truck ditty that rings out across Los Angeles; we spend a day with the Doughnut Luchador of East LA (doughnut slinger by day, luchador by night). We learn what happens, exactly, when you cook with charcoal, and what nixtamalizing does to corn. Plus, a look into the wondrous array of street sausages around the globe, the best of the wurst.
“A masterpiece of modern-food culture. —TIME
“There’s been a sudden growth in magazines for food obsessives eager for more than just recipes. Lucky Peach… is perhaps the cleverest. A nerdy, witty high-end fanzine.” —THE GUARDIAN

“In a time when many magazines are scaling back, Lucky Peach feels shockingly rich in content.” —HUFFINGTON POST

“The greatest culinary adventure we’ve seen in quite some time.”  —HOUSTON PRESS

Lucky Peach logotype by Brian McMullen.

The bottle relieving himself on our logo by Steve Powers.