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In The Seashore Issue, Michael Snyder goes honey hunting with a group of mouals in the Sundarbans, a mangrove forest in Bangladesh. His story is now up on Long Reads. If you are a person who enjoys learning things and reading excellent writing, we suggest you check it out.

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September 30, 2014   |   17 notes

Do you work in an office and enjoy eating lunch? Why not consider proposing an office-wide TAKEOUT POTLUCK? Please continue reading to find out how to do this!

1. You gotta get every person in your office to order from a different place for some reason.

2. Then they deliver it or you pick it up I guess.

3. Then you eat the various foods with your face. Feel free to combine any foods, no matter how disgusting they might taste together. 

4. Lightly bond with your co-workers. (OPTIONAL)

For our office potluck, Chris ordered R&G Lounge, Walter ordered Show Dogs, Eugene (sitting in for Rachel) got Merigan Subs and Anthony’s Cookies, and Aralyn actually didn’t order anything now that I think about it. Thanks a lot Aralyn. Also we had beer.

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For MAD4, we published a book of essays titled the MAD Dispatches. These fifteen texts were designed to complement the live talks of the symposium and explore the What is Cooking? theme from as many angles as possible. In the essays, you’ll find discussions concerning the past and future of cooking; how progress happens in the kitchen, and whether it ought to; the ideas and people worth carrying forward into memory; and how cooks, purveyors, and writers stand to influence how we’ll feed ourselves in the decades to come. We hope that the writings will make readers want to dig deeper into the question of why standing behind a stove, or sitting around a table with friends and family, is important to them.

Last week we published a piece from Stefano Mancuso on how cooking made us human. Today, we enter the kitchen with Wylie Dufresne and Sam Henderson:

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September 25, 2014   |   53 notes


Twin Peaks

Yes, I am one of those people who, until two weeks ago, didn’t watch Twin Peaks. Let’s not linger on that misguided existence and instead linger on this scene from it, which is both uncomfortable and delightful in the ways that only this wonderful show can be. —Brette Warshaw 


Rob Ford Reggae Dance 

I never understood the appeal of Rob Ford to the Torontonians who supported him. But much like George W. Bush’s early paintings gave me a glimpse into the possible appeal of an otherwise despicable politician, this video has me hoping that Ford pulls through whatever his current medical fandango is so that he can make more videos like it. H/T to the always amazing Weird Dude Energy blog, all praises be. —Peter Meehan


Blixa Bargeld is cooking risotto 

If you know what Einstürzende Neubauten is or ever liked the guitar playing in the Bad Seeds, then this video is pretty cool. Otherwise it’s a German dude cooking a tasty-looking black risotto. —Peter Meehan


Cat Massage

I’m watching this cat massage another cat! —Rachel Khong 


Sound of Two

The internet is not lacking in mash-ups and remixes, but this one sounds really nice. And you get two music lessons in one! —Aralyn Beaumont  

September 24, 2014   |   24 notes

After a painfully long hiatus, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks are back for the third week in a row. That’s Michael Ian Black (a.k.a. Magic) and Tom Cavanagh, the men who won America’s heart during the days of Stella, Ed, and I Love the ’80s. They banter, they make astute observations about everyone’s and no one’s favorite snacks, and they exude Respect for Women.

Some of their best moments have been spent with sender-of-snacks Matty Ice and deliberating over the cake-to-icing ratio on cupcakes. I particularly loved a recent episode dedicated to my favorite childhood snack, a snack I ate stacks and stacks of during long car rides through the English countryside, just like Tom. Listen to the episode to find out what the hell I’m talking about! 

—Aralyn Beaumont

Source: SoundCloud / Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

September 23, 2014   |   26 notes

Today’s Google Doodle is another Lucky Peach contributor! This time, it’s Eleanor Davis, who most recently (as one half of the illustration supergroup Never Ever Even) illustrated Justin Taylor’s short story “The Happy Valley” in our Street Food Issue. Head on over to check out the whole animation, and read more about the doodle here.

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Julia Raymond—one of the dummies in our “Foraging with Dummies” feature in the Apocalypse Issue—has a cat named Zilla. Zilla likes to eat homemade ramen noodles. Here is a GIF, because, you know, internet cat ramen gif. 

September 22, 2014   |   27 notes

If you’ve been having that looking-in-the-near-empty-fridge-over-and-over-hoping-something-to-eat-will-appear feeling about food writing on the internet then today is going to be like the time when you didn’t know your roommate/wife/mom went shopping and BOOM SURPRISE there’s chocolate milk in the fridge & Thin Mints in the freezer & whatever other garbage you like to eat in there & no one’s around to judge you for gorging!

Why? Because there’s a fresh loaf of newly-designer Eater and a whole hot bucket of New York Times Cooking (in site and app form!). Go ahead, make a mess of yourself, we won’t judge. 

September 22, 2014   |   12 notes

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Lino prints of shells, adding colour using chine-collé.

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